We Are Muskoka’s Largest Indoor Garden Centre

We are the area’s Largest Indoor Garden Centre, with a constant supply of fresh plants, which we grow ourselves from seed to pot in our greenhouses. At both locations we offer a wide variety of services with Lawn & Garden Maintenance, Spring and Fall Clean-up, Landscaping and Snow Removal.

Windermere TOO in Port Carling

Our unique garden centre Windermere TOO opened in 2010 and is located in the heart of Muskoka, minutes from the Village of Port Carling. Come see our large selection of high quality plants including annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, trees and shrubs. Our gift shop is a must to see. We offer landscaping, garden maintenance to annual planting. Displayed throughout the garden centre there are “one of a kind” locally made wooden garden benches and antiques!

What We Offer

Our experienced Annual Planting crew are busy from the last sign of frost until you arrive, planting up your ground beds, window boxes and planters on site; or delivering your window boxes and planters that have been planted up in advance and nurtured in our greenhouses until you arrive!
We have over 300 varieties of perennials to choose from. Perennials are plants which will come back year after year. When picking a perennial you need to think about bloom time, colour and required sun exposure.
You don’t want a garden that is full of colour in July but green the rest of the season because you purchased all July blooming perennials. It’s good to mix up the bloom times so you always have something in flower.
Our sales staff can help you find the perfect mix for your garden.
You can pick up your garden supplies with your truck or trailer, or we can deliver anywhere in Muskoka, Parry Sound and Lake of Bays – any day of the week. We have triple mix, screened top soil, mulch, sand, gravel, river rock, limestone, screenings, flagstone and more.
We offer 100 varieties of trees and flowering shrubs, including evergreens, deciduous and fruit trees. Our expert sales staff can help you find the right tree or shrub.
Don’t forget to plant for all seasons so you can enjoy colour and texture from winter to summer.
We have many hanging baskets and planters to choose from – sun, shade or part shade. Planters from every shape and size to custom planting your planters to suit your decor.
You have got to love autumn, with it’s beautiful bright yellows to orange to deep reds. Fall is the time to enjoy decorating with pumpkins, cornstalks, bails of straw, fall planters and mums in all the shades of autumn.

39 Years Providing Annual Garden Planting!

To make your life a little easier, we will pick out your Annual Plant order. Our well qualified staff will ensure that your plants are well taken care of and ready for you on your specified date of pick-up or delivery. Minimum one week notice is required, although if you have a large quantity of a particular plant that you need; we advise you to place your order before May 1st to ensure availability, as most of the plants are grown here by our staff from seed. Next year you simply call us and we can pull your order from the previous year and modify for your next order.

We also can plant up your window boxes, planters or hanging baskets in advance, if you drop the empty containers at the garden centres in the Fall. We have many hanging baskets and planters to choose from – sun, shade or part shade. Planters from every shape and size to custom planting your planters to suit your decor. We carry over 450 varieties of annuals, including everything from old favourites to new exotics. If you want continuous bloom of colour in your garden, annuals are your answer. Annuals are so versatile they can grow in everything from a tiny pot on your table, a hanging basket to your garden beds.

“Thank you for my beautiful, beautiful gardens this year and especially for Joan’s planting of our window boxes and annual gardens.”
T. Younger
“Thank you for delivering the flowers, they are beautiful!”
Kristine M.
“Thanks Colleen! Our planters look great.”

From the Greenhouse to Your Home!